About Us

Ni3s is one of the leading global government consulting firms that offers a wide range of infrastructure and operations solutions for local, regional and national governments.

From risk assessment and project management to on-the-ground community protection and improvement, we pride ourselves on offering the effective solutions governments of every level need in order to provide for and protect their citizens.

Our expertise ranges from defense and operations consulting and solutions for the protection of communities and government interests, to IT solutions for secure and accessible communications and thorough, proactive data security. In addition, we help build, rebuild and maintain communities from the ground up, from providing safe drinking water and proper sewage and waste removal, to logistics, transportation and construction of buildings, roads and bridges.

Our experienced team of highly qualified professionals brings effective, evidence-driven action plans to the table, and our global network of partners, associates and subcontractors allows us to provide thorough, efficient and cost-effective solutions with immediate and appreciable results.


Our mission is to provide governments of every level with the insights, plans of action and on-the-ground tools they need to achieve their goals.


Our vision is to help bring about a safer, cleaner and more prosperous world, from the smallest villages to the most far-reaching and impactful countries.


  • Ethical Practices: We bring integrity to every project, infusing it into every solution.
  • Community-first Approach: The best solutions are found with your foundation in mind.
  • Safety: From your communities to our workforce, everyone’s safety is a top priority.


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